This Canadian agency presents their founding team with refreshing comedic flair. While many agency leaders choose to represent team web page themselves with stoic business portraits, the three leaders of Zulu Alpha Kilo opted for playful photos and cheeky bios.

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Not only does their ‘who we are’ section on their About page provide that identity by highlighting the human element of their brand, but it also shows their creative side. When REST API Testing you hover over each thumbnail, a goofy illustration is overlaid onto the photo. As a branding agency, Matchstic knows the importance of identity, creativity, and individuality.

Mimosa Agency

Once designs are conceptualized in the form of diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes, the usability lead tests the designs with users and gathers feedback for the site designers and developers. In the final stages of a project, the usability lead evaluates the effectiveness of designs through additional field studies and user testing and ensures that universal usability goals are met. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. The Wix website builder has everything you need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free website. Over 180 million people worldwide have chosen Wix to create a free website. Start from scratch or choose from over 500 designer-made templates that you can fully customize using the drag and drop website builder.

If you’re running a small business website without a blog, you’re totally missing out and you should prioritize starting a blog while making your website pages list. This is an important page that provides information about you, your company, what you do, and what you provide to the visitor. It is the best page to tell your visitors how you are different from your competitors. For a business website, there should be a big headline to put the most important information. You can also use several CTA buttons either on the slider or on the important sections to get your desired customers.

Cinco Design

If your website is about selling any service, you need to highlight some featured services or products on the home page. It is best if you can use a slider right after the navigation area to show your services and other important information. When it comes to launching your online presence by creating or buying a website, you’ll require pages for some of your content. But team web page sometimes it is confusing to choose the right pages required for your website. As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page – at no additional cost to you. The Cardinals embrace the opportunity to give back to causes and organizations that are improving the lives of people throughout Arizona.

Madwell can’t be left out when talking about the best team pages. Madwell’s about us page blends together perfect, colorful block elements with nicely prepared bios for each employee. Considering there are only three employees, it makes it easy to provide a more robust profile on each of the members of the team.

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LiveChat, an AI customer service and chatbot solution, approached their “meet the team” page in a completely different way. Instead of just listing out each team member’s roles and experience, they created a photo for each team member that illustrates who they are in a conceptual, fun, and metaphorical way. This simple but polished team member marquee appears at the bottom of the Baltimore, Maryland-based agency’s “About” page, and adds a welcome personal touch to their website. Hovering over an employee’s individual circle produces a zoomed-in effect, and clicking expands their headshot with their name and social profiles.

WildbitWildbit shows only one team member’s profile at a time under the list of team members. They also include links to each member’s Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr profiles, if applicable. Arc90 Arc90 adds some punch to their meet the team page by having each team member’s photo change upon rollover from a straight-forward, business-casual-style pic to a candid shot.

Every movie, project, or company is only as good as individuals behind it, which is why the team page is such essential piece of any business’ website. This transition of responsibilities ensures that the site won’t become an orphan after the project team leaves the launch party and moves on to new assignments.

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Adding a “Meet the Team” page or section to your website is an easy, effective way to give your business a accessible face. It gives prospects an idea of who exactly they’ll be working with, and shows potential employees that you’re proud of the people on your team. A meet the team page helps potential customers agile development methodologies and clients get to know the people they might be working with. It highlights the people working for your company and can help put a face to the name. If your company has the capability to create videos, then it’s a great idea to take advantage of that and show what each team member does at the company.

team web page

Amazee Labs has a superb our team page that truly highlights not only their team members but their design capabilities. Having awesome meet the team pages breathes life into your company and builds trust and confidence among your audience. Another unique feature of this “meet the crew” page is the ability to filter Bluleadz employees by function. Each button at the bottom corresponds to a team and brings up the individuals who “make the magic happen” in that area of the business.

If you are running a blog or an affiliate website, you should also have an “about” page to disclose what you are doing. This is one of the most popular web pages that every website must have.

The team reads all your comments and is ready to turn your thoughts into their command. Eventually, it became a place for inspiration with a growing team that’s eager to question everything. If you scroll down, you can access all their accomplishments on the road toward better social change. It is a global movement of more than 7 million people that are campaigning for a better world, where human rights are central. Gummisig is a freelance web designer who likes to talk about himself in the third person. But it’s the About section that introduces you to the team that makes this website an endless source of inspiration. The page, while minimalist in design, offers a glimpse into Suárez’s colorful personality and his impressive block of work.

The Vancouver-based agency has a modern and elegant website with great visuals. Therefore, their team part has professional quality pictures of them.

  • The Vancouver-based agency has a modern and elegant website with great visuals.
  • It is best if you can use a slider right after the navigation area to show your services and other important information.
  • What sets them apart, though, are the individual team member profile pages.
  • The header image on the company’s team page does a great job of driving home this sentiment, showing people smiling in a casual environment, looking like they genuinely enjoy what they do.
  • While many agency leaders choose to represent themselves with stoic business portraits, the three leaders of Zulu Alpha Kilo opted for playful photos and cheeky bios.
  • At Bluleadz, we love to show off the awesome people who are responsible for keeping our business booming.

What better way to convey the personality of your team than to display their favorite gifs on mouse hover? You can almost imagine these folks in the scenarios their gifs represent. This creative agency has offices in five major cities around the world — including New York, Paris, and Berlin — but having a personable “Meet the Team” section helps give their business an accessible edge. They don’t call themselves “a global company with a local feel” for nothing. Construct Digital is an award-winning independent digital B2B-focused digital marketing agency. They uphold the four company values of having an ownership mindset, having respect for everyone, being growth-oriented, and remaining dependable through it all.

The page has a menu button at the top right which takes you to a page that displays the links to pages of various services, insights, and contacts of the company. Smashing Magazine has a unique take on the about us page and uses fun and creative cartoons to display their team members.

They help to bring on-screen projects to life with their creative artistic talent. “Meet the team” pages resonate because people like to buy from real people, not faceless brands. Best practice is to determine what your brand team web page stands for and create a “meet the team” and About page that conveys that in the strongest possible way. Below, they showcase their leadership team with colorful headshots that break out of colorful background boxes.

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